You Know You’re From Aberdeen SD If…

You Know You’re From Aberdeen SD If…


Looking for a daily fix of Aberdeen history? The Facebook group ‘You know you’re from Aberdeen, SD if…’ features a collection of Aberdeen facts and stories, ranging from the town’s creation to today.

“I had seen a few other cities doing the same type of group and noticed that Aberdeen did not have one, and I thought it would be fun,” said group creator Doug Schnell.

The group was created in August of 2011 and currently has over 13,000 members. Both past and present Aberdeen residents share their memories of the town, with a few mentions of current events sprinkled in. Anyone who has an interest in Aberdeen is welcome to join.

“I really love the old photos that are shared in the group. Having been born and raised in Aberdeen, the history of the city has always fascinated me,” said Doug, who moved away to Watertown in 1999. “Seeing all the photos helps when I get a bit homesick and I love to hear all of the wonderful memories people have shared over the years.” //—Annie Scott