Planning a Block Party

Planning a Block Party

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Warmer weather is headed our way, and that means outdoor activities will be feasible once again! Birthdays and graduation parties are common events held outdoors, but block parties are another fun way to come together and celebrate friendship and community. Follow these steps to plan a party of your very own!


  1. Choose a date for your block party. This isn’t just so family and friends can mark their calendars – it’s necessary information for paperwork that you will need to fill out.
  2. For block parties hosted in Aberdeen, a request for street use form will be required. This form can be picked up at the Finance Office located in City Hall. On the form you will need to indicate the date the block party will take place, the location, and if barricades or police monitoring will be needed. After the form is completed, return it to the office.
  3. All block party requests will be placed on the agenda for a City Council meeting. These meetings happen on the first, third, and fourth Monday each month at 5:30 PM at the City Hall. You will get the approval for your block party at one of these meetings.


  1. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the greatest block parties weren’t planned by one person. See if others in your neighborhood will help volunteer. Everything will be more manageable (and less stressful!) if you divide and conquer. A group of you can handle the logistical side of things, another can plan out food and activities, and one more can manage promoting and cleanup, for example. Find a plan that works for you and stick with it!
  2. Figure out your food options. Do you want a potluck style affair? Do you want to hire catering? Consider how many people will be attending. You can be as simple or as fancy as you would like; it’s your party, after all!
  3. Plan out some activities that your guests will enjoy. A family-friendly block party might include lawn games, face painting, and street games. Select some songs for a party playlist that will get your guests up and moving. The list goes on, so come up with an itinerary that will suit your party’s needs.
  4. Be sure to have a dedicated set up crew to get the block ready before the party starts. Arranging barricades and setting up food tables and games should all be done before the guests arrive.
  5. Word of mouth is effective advertising, but consider other options to spread the word about your party. Put up eye-catching posters around the neighborhood or create a Facebook event with all the details guests will need.


  1. Clean up! Admittedly, it’s the worst part of the party, but it’s necessary that you make sure things are just like – or better than – the way you found them.
  2. Start planning for next year. See what people liked and find out what you can do better. Block parties are a great way for a community to come together and who knows… you might just create a new Aberdeen tradition.