A Community Effort: Plains Commerce Bank
For Plains Commerce Bank, nothing is more important than the communities they serve.

A Community Effort: Plains Commerce Bank

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Photos by Troy McQuillen.

Since their first branch opened in Hoven over 90 years ago, Plains Commerce Bank has been dedicated to community-focused banking. 

“I think we’re more focused on the community than ourselves,” said Market President Adam Butcher. “We want to be an asset for any operation. We’re uniquely committed as a team to our customers.” 

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Stephanie Mages, Shaye Bloch, and Molly Wood.

Community involvement is incredibly important to Plains Commerce, and their work to enrich the lives of Aberdeen’s residents reflects that. Their grassroots background has always placed an emphasis on community relationships, and these relationships have been an important part in the bank’s success. 

“There are similarities in banking and philanthropy,” Adam said. “It’s about connections and knowing people. We want to take the time to work with everyone, inside the bank and out.” 

Plains Commerce Bank’s accomplishments have been recognized across the country. They have been ranked as one of the best banks in the United States, and they continue to work to achieve those goals. 

“Aberdeen is a very active community, and we want to be involved and provide a beneficial impact,” Adam said. 

Their work with Meals on Wheels, The Journey Home, Toys for Tots, Safe Harbor, and the United Way help ensure that people have the time and resources to survive and thrive. Their continued involvement with the Brown County Fair board, local churches, and other local businesses are also endeavors they prioritize. 

“We want to help everyone,” Adam said. “We hate saying no and try to find a way to say yes as much as we can.” 

Each employee is allotted time off that is specifically for community involvement, and they can also donate a day’s pay to the local United Way. Another important part of their team atmosphere and employee centered focus, is that their benefits are mutually inclusive. 

“Healthcare benefits and costs are provided at the same low cost by the bank, whether you are a starting frontline employee or you are the CEO. We believe in doing what’s right for our team and the community from top to bottom at every level,” Adam said.

“A large portion of our board lives in Aberdeen. So, it’s vital to us that we and our community are both mutually benefited” Adam said. 

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Todd Jordre, Adam Butcher, Trevan Korthour, and Peggy Lunzman.

They’re always looking to extend their help. Their reach isn’t just limited to Aberdeen – they want to do good in the surrounding communities as well. 

“Aberdeen is an economic hub,” said VP Business Banker Todd Jordre. “There are a lot of successful businesses that are hidden gems.” 

Overall, Plains Commerce Bank is dedicated to helping the residents of Aberdeen with all their needs, not just banking. 

“Relationships go a long way here,” said Mortgage Banker Shaye Bloch. “Everyone is welcoming and it’s easy to feel involved in the community.” 

“The relationships that you get to form with people drew me to banking,” said Business Banker Trevan Korthour. “The kindness of South Dakota residents is something that you might take for granted. When you go somewhere else, you miss it right away.” 

Currently, banking rates are going up almost everywhere, but Plains Commerce Bank is dedicated to ensuring its customers get the best deals possible. If you’re on the fence on which bank will fit your needs, stop in and say hello. Plains Commerce Bank will make sure your needs are met. 

“We want to be here, and we want to help the community,” Adam said. “We’re in this for the long haul.” //