Get to Know: Ethan Westby
Faith, family, and a love for Aberdeen motivate Ethan to help others.

Get to Know: Ethan Westby

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In addition to his business, TripleC Window Cleaning, Ethan also helps his community by teaching youth at New Life Fellowship’s downtown campus. Photos by Troy McQuillen.

Ethan Westby initially attended Baylor University to study Professional Sales, but his career path changed after one lecture helped put his goals in perspective.  

“An executive came to speak to us. His schedule was basically 4:00 AM to 8:00 PM, six days a week. Every night he was home just in time to tuck his girls into bed. When I asked him if he enjoyed his life, his body language made it clear he didn’t,” Ethan said. “After that, it was clear to me I should pursue a life outside of the corporate world.” 

Since then, Ethan has started his own business, TripleC Window Cleaning. He and his two employees work together to ensure that Aberdeen stays clean and tidy. 

“It’s a really fun dynamic working with the best window cleaner in town, Zeke Duncan,” Ethan said. “I don’t know anyone more full of joy than Zeke.”

Q. How does your work reflect your passion? 

A. I love serving people, and I love Aberdeen. My customers have taught me how much they and businesses in town appreciate having their windows cleaned. Not only are they satisfied by clean windows, but our town is cleaner because of it. When I walk down main street, clean windows give it a modern, clean feel. Dirty windows make a building look disheveled. Nobody wants to live in an old, disheveled town. With all of the focus on improving Downtown, I love feeling like I am doing my part to keep young people in Aberdeen. 

Q. What is something that you love about the Aberdeen community? 

A. I was born in Aberdeen, so it has been my home for the last 24 years. Aberdeen has given me my wife, Madelyn, a home, an amazing church family at New Life Downtown, and a great place to live. Whether it is city/church league softball, dinner with friends, or the support of the community, Aberdeen always gives me the feeling of home. No matter where I go, I am always ready to come back. 

Q. What do you like to do in your free time? 

A. I really enjoy church and city league softball. My city league team has been together for at least 12 years now, which has created a fun comradery with the guys. I also love the Young Adults Ministry at New Life Downtown. We have a fun crew that draws me closer to Jesus every Sunday while we eat lunch together. I also really enjoy working out. 

Q. Where is one of your favorite places to go in Aberdeen? 

A. I love going to church on Sunday. I have an amazing community of people who are not judgmental, but we genuinely care about each other. I feel like our culture is full of people having to put on a show or make themselves feel better than the person next to them. I have found a common theme of people feeling judged by Christians, and I have found the exact opposite at my local church. It is a church where Jesus shines through every single member. 

Dsc 4770 LargeQ. What is one word you would use to describe yourself? 

A. Consistent and loyal. I like to be consistent with customers, friends, and neighbors. If I can be consistent, people know what to expect out of me. It is easy for me to trust predictable people; unpredictable people are much harder to trust or be loyal to. If I say I am going to do something, I make sure to do it. 

Q. Why is community involvement important to you? 

A. Barna research shows 70% of college students who profess faith, end up leaving their faith while in college. I want to empower students at New Life Downtown by showing them there is good reason to believe in the Christian God. Some people lack purpose in life, but the world can become a better place if people are driven by a Godly purpose.

Q. What can people do to help support small businesses in town? 

A. We are completely dependent upon you guys. I get to provide employees a living wage to get through college because you guys like having clean windows. I get to mentor youth and college students over lunch because you guys have your windows cleaned. Spending money locally invests in so many more ways than you realize. //