More Men’s Apparel in Downtown Aberdeen

More Men’s Apparel in Downtown Aberdeen

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The Finery’s owner, Julie Fischbach, hopes to provide something for every type of shopper. 

On October 3 last year, Julie Fischbach opened The Finery on Main. 

“The opportunity came to me, and after a lot of soul-searching, praying, and lots of hard work, I decided to go for it,” Julie said. “We’re a community-centric business and want to be a welcoming environment to all.”

The Finery specializes in men’s apparel and home decor, but they also have accessories like permanent jewelry available. New products cycle through the store regularly, so there is something for every type of customer. 

“I thought men didn’t shop as much as women,” Julie laughed. “But I’ve been proven wrong. It’s great to see everyone stop by.”

Julie, who also owns Mainstream Boutique, is happy to be working downtown. 

“Everyone is working together to make this place a success,” Julie said. “The store has already exceeded expectations. All of us are happy with how things have come together.”
// —Annie Scott

For more information, call 605-262-0409 or visit their Facebook page The Finery on Main.