Local Girl Scout to Complete Gold Award

Local Girl Scout to Complete Gold Award

Jessalyn Fischer will complete her Gold Award this year.

Central High School junior Jessalyn Fischer is set to complete her Girl Scout Gold Award this year. During the month of April, Jessalyn will be teaching outdoor safety courses for children in kindergarten to grade 12. Topics such as safe hiking, leave no trace, fire, and road safety will be covered. 

Children in kindergarten through grade 5 will meet on April 29 at the TDAF Lodge, and grades 6 through 12 will meet Monday nights at the Community Room at the Aberdeen Police Department. 

“I got the idea when my friend told me she wanted to try one of the Girl Scout Trailblazer activities,” Jessalyn said. “This project is like a Trailblazer program for the whole community.” 

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. They are completed by a single person, and they are required to be sustainable projects with a global impact. In addition to the classes, Jessalyn will be recording lessons that will be archived on YouTube. Jessalyn started planning her project last August. Prior to completing her Gold Award, Jessalyn refurbished wagons at Centennial Village for her Silver Award. //—Annie Scott

For more information, contact Jessalyn at [email protected].