Aberdeen’s First Dedicated Piercing Studio Now Open

Aberdeen’s First Dedicated Piercing Studio Now Open

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Owner Kate Hauck opened The Wilder Studio in February 2023.

Kate Hauck opened Aberdeen’s first dedicated body piercing shop, The Wilder Studio, February 2023.

Hauck has been piercing for six years and got her start working in tattoo shops. One of the deciding factors in opening her own studio is the ability to cater more towards piercing clients.

“Sometimes it can be hard to get the right information about piercings,” Hauck said. “I try hard to educate people with no judgment. I always want to be able to provide safe and high-quality services, so I am always learning as well.”

Currently, The Wilder Studio is offering piercings, dermals, tooth gems, gold and titanium jewelry, and jewelry curation. This summer, permanent jewelry will also be available. Ear piercings are offered to anyone old enough to verbally consent to a piercing while other body piercings depend on the client’s age.

Those looking for a unique piercing experience can book the studio for a piercing party. Groups of six or more people can bring in food and beverages and will receive a small discount on piercing services.

Hauck is also working on obtaining certification from the Association of Professional Piercers. The APP is an international health and safety organization that is dedicated to providing information about proper piercing practices. No other piercing shops in South Dakota are currently APP certified.

As one of the only full-time piercers in town, Hauck is regularly available for aftercare questions and troubleshooting. She hopes that her new studio can help normalize body piercings and portray them in a positive light. //

For more information, visit thewilderstudio.squarespace.com or call 605-252-0235.