Get to Know: Mike Re
With his business Building Bros, Mike Re shows that no project is too small.

Get to Know: Mike Re

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Two years ago, Mike Re left his career in computer software and made the move from Philadelphia, PA, to Aberdeen.

“Our family was growing, and with crime rates going up, we didn’t want to raise our kids in the city,” Re said. “My wife, Michelle, is originally from Mobridge, so we have family in South Dakota.”

Aberdeen was a happy medium between a small community and the big city. Once his family was settled, he opened up his own business, Building Bros.

“I went from a big corporation with a suit and tie to being a handyman with my own business,” Re said.

Building Bros specializes in small handyman projects. Some projects may be too small for a traditional contractor, but Re is ready to take on any project that comes his way. Projects like home repairs, landscaping, carpentry and basic plumbing repairs are just a few of the services that Building Bros offers.

“I think it fills a niche in Aberdeen,” Re said. “It’s about being able to help others that might not have the ability or time to take on these projects.”

Although Building Bros is a one-man endeavor for now, Re hopes that one day it can become a family business.

Mike Re Cover Photo Scaled E1718036176679“I have five boys, and hopefully I can work with them one day,” Re said.

  1. How does your work reflect your passion?

I’m passionate about helping and serving other people.  As a handyman, I have the opportunity to serve my customers each day and help them fix a problem with their home.  I believe my work helps to improve people’s quality of life.

  1. What is something you love about the Aberdeen community?

I really enjoy how convenient our town is and how anything you need is only 10 minutes away! I also really enjoy the Midwestern attitude and how in general people are kind to one another. Lastly, I feel very safe in Aberdeen.

  1. What do you like to do in your free time?

I absolutely love sports and being active outside. I really enjoy hiking, running, cross-country skiing and playing soccer. After I’ve completely tired myself out I can then be found drinking a cup of high-quality black coffee or a really good beer.

  1. Where is one of your favorite places to go in Aberdeen?

One of my favorite places to go in Aberdeen is Wylie Park. I absolutely love being outdoors and I think Wylie Park is an absolute gem in our community. Wylie has something to offer for all age groups whether you are there to exercise around the lake trail, go to Storybook Land with the kids or kayak and fish in the water.

  1. What is one word you would use to describe yourself?

This is a tough question for me to answer, so I asked my wife! She immediately said “personable”. I’m an extrovert and I get my energy from meeting new people and spending time with people throughout my day. I love meeting new customers at my job and building upon existing relationships with people whom I’ve already worked with before.

  1. Why is community involvement important to you?

I believe that we are social creatures that are meant to share our gifts and talents with those around us. We have been created to be relational and to care for our neighbors. Each one of us has something to offer and if we rise to the occasion, Aberdeen will continue to thrive. My family and I are active in our faith community here in town and I also believe that my business, Building Bros, is a way for me to be involved in the community. I believe Building Bros is fulfilling a need in the community to have more general contractors and I think that my specialization on smaller, handyman-type of projects fulfills a huge need in our community.

  1. What was the biggest change you faced when moving to a smaller town?

Coming from Philadelphia, at first I was absolutely struck by the lack of traffic! Secondly, I noticed that I might be the only Italian-American in Aberdeen!

  1. What can people do to support small businesses in town?

Think small business first. I understand that small businesses may not have as large of a stock of items or at times can have more competitive pricing, but small businesses often have a lot to offer that is intangible and irreplaceable. As Americans, we are used to paying a bit of a premium for better service or better quality. This is how I see many of our smaller businesses in town. I would rather support a local business, get to know the staff, receive better service and have a more rewarding buying experience. //

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