New Releases From Aberdeen Authors

New Releases From Aberdeen Authors

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Aberdeen is home to many wonderful authors, and two of them have new releases in 2023. S. K. Sandvig published his first novel and Northern State University’s Dr. Peter Ramey published his translation and commentary of Beowulf.

Sandvig, who is originally from Aberdeen, traveled across South Dakota to discuss his first novel, The Girl in the Thistles. During his stop in Aberdeen, two author events were held at the Moccasin Creek Country Club and the K.O. Lee Aberdeen Public Library, followed by a book signing at Kessler’s.Ramey Book Cover Nsu

The Girl in the Thistles follows Emilie, the 19-year-old daughter of a Sioux mother and a Scottish father, who finds her home destroyed when her clan is caught up in the US-Dakota war of 1862. Her mother is sent to a prisoner-of-war camp, and Emilie sets out to find her father, who has been missing since the beginning of the war.

The book is based on actual events that unfolded in the Dakota Territories during the 1800s as well as Sandvig’s lifelong love of the Coteau des Prairies.

The Word-Hoard Beowulf: A Translation with Commentary is the first translation and popular commentary to take seriously the religious dimension of the poem. In addition to the religious focus, Ramey also focuses on the poem’s approach to language.

“I was bored the first time I read Beowulf, but when I started to study it, I was fascinated,” Ramey said.

A majority of the novel’s work was completed during Ramey’s sabbatical in 2019, but he had presented the idea at conventions all the way back in 2013. He has published articles about Beowulf as well as Old and Middle English in several scholarly journals including Modern Philology and Philological Quarterly. //