Natural Abundance Celebrates 45 Years

Natural Abundance Celebrates 45 Years

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Staff members Logan Dailey, Erika McLeod. Drea Bennett, Ashley Bennett, and Heidi Hepola. Photo by Annie Scott.

Natural Abundance celebrated its 45th anniversary on September 9th, 2023.

Everyone was welcomed to attend the celebration, which included product sampling, wine tasting, a kids’ zone, as well as special sales and giveaways. The event also served as an open house for those who may not be familiar with the store.

“It’s a huge milestone,” said Board President, Ashely Bennett. “There aren’t too many place in Aberdeen that have been open that long.”

Natural Abundance opened in 1978 when Aberdeen residents showed interest in getting healthier, natural foods. Today. Natural Abundance has roughly 2,000 member-owners.

“there are some misconceptions about co-ops,” Bennett said. “Sometimes people think that we only sell fruit and vegetables, or only a certain kind of person can shop there, or that it’s all ridiculously expensive. We’re here to help anyone, and since we’re a smaller store, we have the time to build relationships with all of our customers.”

In 2023, Natural Abundance received a grant through South Dakota Specialty Producers. Some of the fund was allotted to the anniversary event, but there were also other plans to hold more educational events.

“Farming used to be one of the main jobs in this area, and large corporations are taking over. People have the opportunity to buy local produce and know where their food is coming from. There’s also an opportunity for local producers to show what they have.”

The staff at Natural Abundance hopes that the store can become a staple for people in the community.

“We learn new things every day while working here,” said General Manager Erika McLeod. “We want to show Aberdeen folks what we’ve been doing. We’re building a community here.” //

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