Functional Fitness Gym Trains All Ages
Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone looking to start a fitness journey, Rails Strength & Fitness has something to offer for everyone.

Functional Fitness Gym Trains All Ages

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Kristina Kessler

Rails Strength & Fitness has recently gone through a renaming, but the core of the gym’s goals have remained the same. First opened in 2015 as CrossFit Rails, Rails Strength & Fitness now functions as a functional fitness gym. They are also affiliated with the Aberdeen Family YMCA.

“Functional fitness prepares you for your daily life,” Coordinator and Coach Kristina Kessler said. “It’s more of a lifestyle change than just going to the gym.”

Functional fitness focuses on lifts and movements like squats and burpees that can help with everyday tasks. Kessler said that an important emphasis of functional fitness is elongating useful life, which includes things like playing outside with children and grandchildren, helping out with sports practices, and even important maneuvers such as helping yourself back up after a fall.

There are five to six classes every day during the week, as well as a Saturday class, so there are many options that can work with a busy schedule. Members can attend as many classes they want with their membership. A big part of sticking with a gym is accountability, and Rails Strength & Fitness is full of people who encourage and support fellow members.

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Rails Strength & Fitness offers classes throughout the day, so members can find a class that works in their schedule.

“Taking classes helps cut down on the planning and thinking involved,” Kessler said. “Someone will be here to guide you. Many people come over during their lunch break and get done with their workout for the day in one hour.”

People of all ages are welcome at the gym. The kids’ classes serve as a foundation for functional fitness. There are classes for multiple age groups, and they aim to help kids learn good habits and forms that can help prevent injury in any future sports endeavors.

“We keep things fun for kids. They’re not just ‘mini adult’ classes,” Coach Jacob Muhich said. “At the same time, they’re learning discipline, routine, and the mental side of fitness.”

In addition to these lifelong lessons, Muhich said that what students learn in class can better their chances for athletic success later on.

“Some people have preconceived notions about gyms,” Kessler said. “You don’t have to be at a certain fitness level to join. There is a lot of guidance here, and we’ll make sure you’re working out safely. We’re excited to share our passion with others.”

In addition to regular gym activities, Rails Strength & Fitness puts on a yearly fitness competition each year as well as other events like their Memorial Day Morph workout and picnic.

“There’s just a great culture here, and it could be built even bigger,” Kessler said. //

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