Restaurant Review: Barbeque Twist
Welcome to our very first Aberdeen Magazine Restaurant Review!

Restaurant Review: Barbeque Twist

Photos by John Schwab

With so many great food options in town, where does one even begin? John Schwab and I have taken up the task and will be trying out the newest dining spots in Aberdeen. Don’t worry – we want to share the love with old favorites in town as well, so be sure to pick up future issues too!

Our first restaurant is Barbeque Twist. We stopped by on its opening day on January 6.


What We Tried: 

Jalapeno Poppers, Brisket Nachos, Shrimp Tacos, Slider Trio, and Macaroni and Cheese.


Anniecutout E1714416849238Annie’s Review:

There were a lot of tasty options on the menu at Barbeque Twist, and while we tried to sample a little bit of everything, there were a few items that we didn’t get the chance to try.

The jalapeno poppers were a nice, light appetizer. I am a little bit of a baby when it comes to spicy foods, but I was focused on how flavorful the poppers were more than anything else. The jalapenos themselves were nice and crunchy and provided a nice contrast to the bacon and cheese they were wrapped in.

I only had a little taste of the brisket nachos, but there was a lot of flavor! I think that the sweet sauce on the brisket was a welcome addition, and it was a nice unique twist on a classic dish.

The shrimp tacos were the star of the show for me. I know I told everyone in the office about them, and I still feel inclined to mention how much I liked them even now when people ask about Barbeque Twist. The shrimp was seasoned well and the corn salsa was a great accompaniment to the dish. The tacos came with a side of chips and a different salsa. My only critique would be to serve it with more of the corn salsa – it was just that delicious. The tacos were super light and not one component overpowered the others.

We got the slider trio to try out the different types of meat available. If you’re unsure of what to order for yourself, the sliders would be great to try before committing to a full meal.

The bar area was super spacious, and there were nearly 50 drinks available when we went. If you’re looking for something new to try, I’m sure you’ll find it at their bar.

As for the restaurant itself, I think it’s in a great location. It never got too noisy even as the place filled up with people. It was a pretty great experience overall!

Next time I stop by, I want to give one of their pastas a try. There were options for family-sized meals as well, so if you’re looking for a way to feed a larger group of people, Barbeque Twist has got you covered.


Johncutout E1714416992162John’s Review:

Barbeque Twist had a nice variety of options on their menu that branched out beyond the traditional BBQ staples. The brisket nachos on the appetizer menu was full of flavor and well portioned. The side of mac and cheese was reliably neutral, but I think it would be further enhanced if it was loaded with a meat, which they do offer. I had a chance to try the chicken and brisket slider. I thought the chicken was juicy and well-seasoned, but the brisket was a little on the dry side and lacked some seasoning. I didn’t put any sauces on the sliders, so that would change the game a little bit, especially considering I didn’t think the same way about the brisket that was in the brisket nachos.

I do wish I had the opportunity to get the ribs, but they weren’t available when we were there. I have personally gone back once since our review and tried a hamburger. It tasted good, was juicy and didn’t skimp on toppings. I enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant, it’s nice seeing the character of older buildings in a contemporary style – especially downtown. Aberdeen needs more of that. //


Watch our video review of Barbeque Twist on YouTube by tapping here!