Artist Spotlight: Kylee Wild
Kylee Wild's illustrations have an incredible range, from hyper-realistic animal portraits to stylized anime drawings.

Artist Spotlight: Kylee Wild

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C74025E9 A56F 4B38 943B 4A38097B1250When it comes to creating art, every person is different. Some artists find a particular style or medium that they enjoy and stick with it, and others branch out with different styles and techniques. Kylee Wild has found the beauty in variety and has been developing her skills with every piece she creates.

Wild was born in Aberdeen and lived in Sioux Falls with her family before returning to town when she was nine years old. She attended Central High School before finishing her high school career through homeschooling. Growing up, she always enjoyed drawing, but she started taking it more seriously during her school years.

“When I was seven or eight years old, I used to go on a website called,” Wild said. “I tried to replicate the anime-style drawings I saw and I loved it.”

She started trying new techniques and started painting in middle school, where she liked to show off her art skills. She entered the National PTA Reflections art contest and advanced to the state level. Wild also got her first drawing tablet at this time and started creating more digital art as well.

Wild works with a variety of mediums, including graphite, colored pencils, watercolors, and digital art, and each medium comes with its own benefits.

“Graphite is easier to work with than colored pencil,” she said. “There’s just value to work with. With colored pencil, you can do a lot of creative things with all of the color. Digital art has a lot more control, with the undo button, more brushes, and effects to give things texture. The limits don’t exist, and you can do whatever you want.”

Wild draws many different subjects, but some of her favorite things to draw are animals and people. A lot of her inspiration with art comes from observing other artists and their work.Img 8754

“When I’m on Pinterest, I see pieces done in a certain way with a certain style. Then I think ‘I want to try something like that!’”

Right around last year’s holiday season, Wild started broadening her scope and started sharing more of her art on social media.

“A friend of mine told me to post my art on Facebook,” she said. “I made a post on the Rants and Raves page and offered to draw pet portraits and got a lot of inquiries. I did as many of those as I could.”

Wild then displayed some of her art in the “Artists of the ARCC” art show. It was her first time displaying art in a show, and she hopes to participate in more in the future. She displayed some of her hyper-realistic pet portraits at the show, and she has started using the technique for human portraits as well.

For Wild, the most satisfying part of the creative process is seeing everything come together as a piece is completed.

“It’s like building on a base, and adding more and more layers to it is super rewarding to do,” she said. “When it’s done, I think ‘I can’t believe I did that!’”

Outside of art, Wild runs a YouTube page where she posts covers of video game soundtrack covers, which she started back when she was still in school. She plays the clarinet, piano, saxophone, ukulele, and guitar.

Img 0050“I’ve always been interested in video editing, and it’s been a dream making videos,” Wild said. “I started out recording clarinet and piano covers with my Nintendo 3DS camera. I’ve gotten better with editing videos since then.”

More of Kylee Wild’s work can be found on her Facebook and Instagram accounts @KyleeThePug.