A Ride on the Story Side; Humpty Dumpty Roller Coaster

Storybook Land’s Newest Coaster Turns Heads If you haven’t heard yet, Storybook Land’s newest attraction, the Humpty Dumpty Roller Coaster is now officially open! With six… Read more »

And the Crowds Go Wild; Downtown Events

Downtown Delivers Awesome Events The Aberdeen Downtown Association has created quite the buzz with their seemingly endless supply of outstanding events. People are noticing and… Read more »

Artist for Life

A Longtime Resident’s Lifetime Passion Aberdeen resident, Gail Pickus, has a little known talent. It happens in her kitchen studio, surrounded by the natural light… Read more »

Charlie Mehlhoff

The Subway Man of Aberdeen Charlie Mehlhaff is a man with a dream. A dream of owning every Subway Franchise in Aberdeen, two in Huron,… Read more »

Fill’er Up!

Downtown Gas Stations a Thing of the Past When was the last time you filled your gas tank downtown? Gas stations downtown? Seems hard to… Read more »

Gear Up!

Bikers Rejoice for New Harley-Davidson Store Are you a biker? Do you ride to live? Maybe just live to ride? Well whatever the case you… Read more »

Karine Pogosyan-Myrmoe

There She Is! Mrs. South Dakota They say beauty is only skin deep. But in some cases, such as with Karine Pogosyan-Myromoe, the current Mrs.… Read more »

Liz Hannum

The Start of Something Great in Aberdeen Susan Sontag once said, “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” It’s a quote that has… Read more »

New Location, Same Style

Karisma Boutique Shows Off Their Growth As every successful business knows, in order to grow sometimes you must change. And with the change to their… Read more »

One Game at a Time

Coach Tom Dosch talks Gypsy Days Game Gypsy Days is a homecoming tradition that Northern State has continued through 99 years and are coming up… Read more »

Pheasant Sandwich Redux

A modern take on an Aberdeen classic Over the years many have asked for the recipe for this famous sandwich, and the volunteers of the… Read more »

The Training Place is Changing with the Job Market

Under New Management Everyone needs a job. But finding one is easier said than done these days. You want to make good money with a… Read more »

Think Green!

A Complete Look at the Aberdeen Celtic Faire and Games There is an old Gaelic saying, “A good start is half the work.” That rightfully… Read more »