Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant


Where the spice is ohhh so nice.

Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant offers an exotic travel destination right down the street, enticing your taste buds with all the authentic flavors of real Mexican food. When this family-owned business opened in 2003, owner Eva Ornelas and her son, Fabian Aguire’s goal was to provide the taste of authentic Mexican to people who may be less accustomed to the bold flavors of Latin American cuisine. Current manager Fabian Aguirre said he and his family chose Aberdeen to open their restaurant because his father felt this would be a great town to live in. “Aberdeen is just a great city with great people,” says Fabian.

The restaurant’s tame exterior contrasts with the lively atmosphere and exotic mural (by artist Atonio Magaña) that runs vibrantly across its interior walls. As you dine, the sound of margarita glasses clinking together and crunching of tortilla chips is delightfully accompanied by the joy-filled vocals of Latin American music. For a really authentic Mexican experience, opt to be seated in the bar area. Mazatlan’s bar has an intimate appeal that feels more like a cantina than an indoor pub, and is always kept well-stocked with your favorite brands of tequila.

When planning the Mazatlan menu, Fabian and his family set out to stay true to authentic Mexican ingredients and spices, while keeping the “milder” Midwestern palate in mind. “It’s authentic to a point,” Fabian says. Through dishes that range from mild to red pepper hot, Mazatlan caters to any and all taste buds. Their most popular menu items include: Fajitas for Two, the Chicken Quesadilla, and anything smothered in their white queso-style cheese sauce. During the week, Mazatlan runs daily specials, featuring such favorites as: Pollo Fajitas with White Cheese, Verde Supreme, Cheese Steak, and Speedy Gonzales.

It should come as no surprise, that Mazatlan is known as the local hot spot for that one-of-a-kind flavor of authentic Mexican food. Whether it’s for a pair of Midwestern-inspired pulled pork tacos, or a sizzlin’ hot fajita straight out of Mexico City, there’s always enough time to take a mini-vacation to Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant!

Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant is located at 1 S 1st Street, Aberdeen.