Living Well in the New Year

Living Well in the New Year

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Dr. Ginger Conklin’s integrative approach to mental health care

“It takes an incredible effort, but life can be so good.” Dr. Ginger Conklin says these words, but one glimpse at her resume shows that for her this belief is more than just a quote. With an unceasing energy, she has dedicated her career to helping people feel their absolute best, inside and out. 

A Columbia, South Dakota, native, Dr. Conklin studied nursing at Presentation College. She went on to work at Avera St. Luke’s for many years before opening Aberdeen’s Total Package Med Spa in 2016. The med spa is the first of its kind for our community, offering medical grade aesthetic services that “enhance your natural beauty and your quality of life.” Along with starting this new business and raising a family, Dr. Conklin was also busy earning her doctor of nursing degree specializing in psychiatric mental health, an accomplishment that she was able to complete in 2018 after five years of studying. “I had a lot of support from my husband and our friends in the medical field that understand the rigorous process that is required for an advanced degree,” she says. But it is no coincidence that she made this training one of her priorities. In September, she opened Conklin Psychiatric and Integrative Health, a practice that adds to what she already does for her patients at the med spa. “The underpinning of my overall concept stems from a program founded by the American Cancer Society called ‘Look good feel better.’ It improves the lives of people undergoing cancer treatments by improving self-image and self-esteem. Our medical spa is an opportunity to help our patients look and feel their best by building self-confidence. And the psychiatric practice compliments this idea by taking mental health a step further and treating mental illnesses when indicated,” she says.

Dr. Conklin and her team use a variety of complementary traditional and cutting-edge therapies. Their goal is to get to the root of mental illness and treat the whole person, so they have long-term success with their overall well-being. They not only help with mental ailments such as depression and anxiety, but also minister to the physical symptoms that can occur alongside these conditions, like pain, inflammation, and food sensitivities. Another part of their treatment strategy involves working closely with other healthcare providers and mental health professionals in the Aberdeen area, ensuring that patients get high-quality and comprehensive care. Because mental illness is not limited to certain age groups or backgrounds, they treat children, adolescents, and adults. 

There is a huge need throughout the country for mental health professionals. Dr. Conklin helps fill this shortage in Aberdeen, and also by traveling to Mobridge a few days each month to provide outreach services at the hospital there. Why did she choose Aberdeen as the location for her psychiatric clinic? “I was born and raised here and consider this my home. I cannot imagine being anywhere else. Like all communities, we need a strong mental health force to keep our population healthy both mentally and physically.” She adds, “I believe the world is changing and the stigma associated with mental health is lessening. It is such a big part of our overall health, and shouldn’t be overlooked or ignored.” // –Jenny Roth

To learn more about Conklin Psychiatric and Integrative Health and Total Package Med Spa, both located at 1409 6th Ave SE Suite 5, visit and You can also call 605-725-HELP or 605-725-4772.