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A New Face For An Old Space

Treat your home to a makeover with these simple DIY fixes

Is your house or apartment tired and in need of a facelift? If so, don’t worry! Creating a new vibe in any home is as easy as changing out the “accessories” like paint, hardware, light fixtures, and other items that can be added or replaced in a weekend. These DIY projects do require a little patience and sweat equity, but you won’t have to invest in a major overhaul or knock down any walls to add some spice to your life. 

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the easiest weekend fixes is paint. A fresh coat of paint provides a quick makeover and brings new life into your home. With wood-look patterns continuing to be on trend, earthy shades of paint have naturally followed. Look for mushroom grays and fern-inspired colors to tie this look together. If you’re feeling a bit bolder, go for coral, navy, or another vibrant hue of your choice. Bringing in a bold color can be energizing and invigorating, but don’t feel obligated to cover an entire area with it. Paint an accent wall and then incorporate the color through decor pieces or smaller elements, such as rugs or fun pillows.

Swap Out Dated Hardware 

A fix that can be completed in a weekend is switching out the cabinet or door hardware in your kitchen or bathroom. This takes no time at all and is an easy transition into a new style. Some eye-catching looks you might want to use are black or brass, and this might surprise some, but yes, brass is back! However, it’s not the yellow brass of old, but a softer and warmer tone. Otherwise, a more subtle statement might be all you need to say “fresh” in your kitchen or bathroom. Current trends include hardware with thick, clean lines, minimal adornments, and stainless steel or brushed nickel finishes. 

Let Your Style Flow from New Faucets

One more quick hardware fix is faucets. At the 2019 KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show), statement faucets, mixed metals, and matte black and gold were showcased. With statement faucets, look for updated traditional faucets to have an industrial twist. Additionally, semi-professional faucets have followed the trend of industrializing kitchen appliances, and these pieces feature a spray head and pull-down hose. While brushed nickel continues to be the favorite finish, homeowners are now incorporating it with other finishes in their kitchen and baths. If you want to take this trend a step further, mix metals on a single faucet for a modern look. For instance, Kohler has an ombré faucet option that combines vibrant rose gold and vibrant polished nickel. 

Set the Atmosphere with Lighting

Changing out lighting is a swift project that can be completed in a day or two. Often, lighting is an afterthought, but updating it will improve your space and let you play with new styles. Something to remember with light fixtures is to think about how the light will function and the ambiance you want to create in that room. So, what is currently trending (clear transitional pendants, rustic wood finishes, and contemporary geometric chandeliers) might not work for your space, but a more traditional pendant or a simple lantern look might. There are also unique places to update lighting in your kitchen—think about toe kick lights, under cabinet LED strip lighting, and backlighting kitchen islands.

Transform a Room from the Ground Up

If you fancy yourself a DIY professional, then you may want to tackle new flooring. Currently, luxury vinyl tile and planks that look like wood are very popular. There are many colors and styles to choose from, so finding a look to fit your home shouldn’t be too difficult. There are many brands and companies that make these materials, so do your research and know what you are purchasing before you jump in. You can even Google installation procedures for most flooring options. Keep in mind this project may take a little more than a weekend, depending on the square footage. Therefore, if you are not the DIY kind for this type of project, hire the installation to be done by professionals. They are quick, talented, and will do the job correctly.

Coordinate Your Countertops

A final idea, that also may take a smidge longer than a weekend and require the help of professionals, is to update your countertops. Changing out countertops creates a new look without having to do a full kitchen remodel. The newly introduced styles from the recent KBIS displayed a plentiful array of dark, bolder tones and wood looks; however, if you prefer lighter colors and subtle patterns, those are also still very popular and readily available. When choosing countertops in your kitchen there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, make sure you are selecting a surface and color that fits your lifestyle. Another thing you’ll want to consider is mixing and matching surfaces. For example, use laminate on your perimeter countertops and granite or quartz on your island.

Mixing two countertop styles may be intimidating, but if you look for balance and color coordination, it is uncomplicated. Pattern design is important to pay attention to because the last thing you want is clashing styles. If you’re drawn toward busier designs, choose that for one area, then look for a solid complimentary color or minimal pattern for the other countertop. This way, your materials don’t compete. Another idea is to balance dark and light. If your first choice is on the lighter side, look for a darker second choice for contrast. You can go with the classic black and white, or work with light and dark neutrals or pastels. Other popular material options include a custom wood piece or butcher block. These will provide differentiation in your space and allow for beautiful combinations. 

All these fixes will bring major impact to any room. Whether you are updating, changing your style, or just plain need a breath of fresh air, try one or more of the above suggestions and enjoy your home’s new look! // –Carrie Bartscher, Design Consultant at Ultimate Kitchen & Bath and We Do Closets

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