Spring Blooms Year-Round with Graceful Creations

Spring Blooms Year-Round with Graceful Creations

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ABERDEEN, S.D. – Who says you can’t have beautiful, blooming flowers even when it’s cold outside? That is exactly what led Grace Cutler to become a wood flower florist. Grace has always loved flowers and gardening. Growing up in Kentucky and Georgia, she would find hundreds of wildflower species and spend hours transplanting them into her flower beds. She even put together her own wedding flowers, using plants she had grown and tended herself. So it only makes sense that this Southern girl wanted to have flowers year-round while living in the more winter-esk Aberdeen. And she has found a way to do so, by creating custom sola wood flower arrangements at her business, Graceful Creations.

Sola wood is made from the root of the tapioca plant, which is grown in tropical climates in several third world countries. Once processed, the plant can be used for different types of foods, while the roots are cut and peeled into thin strips and then formed into light, slightly plyable flowers. Grace orders these from suppliers and then colors them with acrylic paint, adds greenery and a container, and arranges them to fit custom orders from her clients. People choose sola wood flowers for weddings, holidays like Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day, or for home decor. The best part? They last, and if you have more of a brown thumb than a green one, you don’t have to worry. Grace explains, “They make it possible to have a wedding bouquet that keeps forever, or a flower centerpiece to match your kitchen that will always stay colorful and bright.” // — Jenny Roth

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