Inflating Success at Beyond the Balloon

Inflating Success at Beyond the Balloon

Josh And Tara Scaled
Tara and Josh Heitmann stand in front of one of their many creative balloon displays. 

The old train depot building on 1 North Main Street is home to a new business in Aberdeen: Beyond the Balloon. Beyond the Balloon offers balloon decor including balloon walls, arches, wreaths, and bouquets.

When Tara Heitmann first brought her idea of starting a balloon business to her husband, Josh, he laughed nervously but quickly realized her ideas went beyond the everyday balloon. With weeks of online research and practicing various displays, the couple turned their balloons into art. 

The first public announcement of Beyond the Balloon was made January 29 through a Facebook Live video. The response surpassed anything the owners expected.

Since opening, even people in surrounding towns like Warner, Mellette, Groton, and Britton have requested Tara and Josh’s exceptional displays. With this much interest, Beyond the Balloon is already looking for ways to add other services for parties like a candy cart.

Not only do the balloons bring a lively element to any occasion, but their air-filled designs can last for weeks if handled with care.

From your everyday birthday bouquet to weddings and large events, Josh and Tara can do it all! The next time you are stuck on decorating ideas or want to liven up your celebration, check out Beyond the Balloon here in Aberdeen. // – Josie Clemens

Shop and browse Beyond the Balloon designs at or call 605-228-1789 for more information.