A Light to Guide Through the Storm

A Light to Guide Through the Storm

Growing Through the Storm is Sheila’s first book. Photo courtesy of Sheila Malsam.

Local author Sheila Malsam has published her first book. Growing Through the Storm is a story about triumphs and lessons learned during unwanted life circumstances. Sheila writes about fear, doubt, worry, and how her relationship with God helped her grow into a stronger person.

“The story is about my experiences, but I think it’s relatable to any storm you may go through.”

Planning for her book began over 20 years ago. “I was at my rock bottom, but I felt a calling in my heart to share my experience. Writing this book was part of the healing process for me.”

Sheila plans on writing more books. Her next title, tentatively named Trade Doubt for Your Dream, is another story of encouragement about how to achieve one’s dreams.

“I love writing; it’s my passion. I have more relatable stories to share that can hopefully help others get through their own storms.” //—Annie Scott

Growing Through the Storm is available online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and her website www.sheilamalsam.com.