The Heart of Aberdeen: 2023
Students share what makes Aberdeen home

The Heart of Aberdeen: 2023

Mrs Geyer Block 1 Scaled
Mrs. Geyer’s Block 1 class. Class photos courtesy of Carolyn Geyer and Mia Bergan. 

Holgate teachers Carolyn Geyer and Mia Bergan came up with an assignment for their 7th grade language arts students: What’s Aberdeen lucky to have? The following pieces highlight the special treasures that make Aberdeen a truly great place to live.

As you hear shots ring out through the air, and the dogs blasting through the thick grass, this is what you will experience when hunting in Aberdeen, SD. As you walk through the fields, the suspense is at an all-time high as you wait for a pheasant to take off out from the grass. Then you hear ROOSTER, !!BANG!! You pull the trigger and through the cloud of smoke, you see the pheasant drop to the ground. Hunting has also provided me with so many memories. I can’t even tell you how many. Not only that, but the land is beautiful during this time, and I appreciate having the opportunity to hunt in Aberdeen. by Teegan Medill

Bees are buzzing, the sun is shining, birds chirping, and a light cool breeze is going through the trees making them sway ever so slightly while you take a taste of your ice cream. You are at TwistCone. TwistCone is a unique place to enjoy scrumptious ice cream, along with friendly service. TwistCone has a TON of flavors; they have for one week of the summer, such as strawberry butter, Georgia peach, orange dreamsicle, purple cow (grape), and lemon. The ice cream always tastes better with their special little candy eyes! TwistCone is a nostalgic and wholesome place, and my family and I look forward to visiting there this summer! by Jayda Hoffman

I walk into the store and the staff greets me with a pleasant smile and a “Hello, how are you?” The sweet smells of the doughnuts in the bakery make my mouth water. This is the feeling I get when I walk into Ken’s Superfair Foods. Ken’s makes Aberdeen a great place to visit. The staff is top of the line. They were always there when I forgot an ingredient for a meal I wanted to make. Also, they were there for my birthday parties with the cake, cookies, cupcakes, and catering. They make jobs for the poor and truly help the public. I truly appreciate Ken’s. by Cooper Hepperle

Laughter and yelling are what I hear when I enter Allevity Entertainment. This is a place where I can enjoy having fun with my friends and family. I remember playing all the arcade games there with my friends and hitting the jackpot; they all went crazy! When my friends and I are playing laser tag, we all go onto one team and try to go so hard against the other teams. Sometimes when my friends and I are exhausted, we go by the bowling alley and watch a football game. I truly love going to Allevity Entertainment, and Aberdeen is fortunate to have this fun-filled attraction. by Benjamin Weishaar

Library 6741 Large I walk through the big glass doors and the amazing scent of books and acrylic paint are wafting in the air. The sound of computer keys tapping can be heard, and the sight of art everywhere. It’s the K.O. Lee Public Library. The library is my favorite place to go when my family has spare time. They have computers there, and I play games with my brother on them. There are shelves of books for little kids, teens, and adults. A few years ago, my family and I participated in an arts and crafts event the library held. That’s why the library is quite special to me. by Geraldine Marshall

You feel cold air blowing throughout the room while you hear a coach congratulate a girl for nailing a skill. As the next person jumps in line, you think about your next skill. Aberdeen Gymnastics Association (AGA) is without a doubt an amazing place in Aberdeen. Whether you’re doing a back handspring, or you’re doing a simple cartwheel, you will always find something to do. The best thing about AGA is the coaches. When you want to learn how to do a skill, the coaches will gladly help you. This is mainly for gymnasts with experience or someone with a desire to learn. AGA is truly an extraordinary place I enjoy in Aberdeen. by Isabella Bruce

The water is still, the whistle blows, the break is over, and every kid rushes into the pool. You hear laughter and splashes. You feel excitement and joy when you’re at the Aberdeen Aquatic Center. I love swimming at the water park with all my friends. The food is amazing, and the water is cool. I love the ice cream there when it’s a hot summer day. The slides are entertaining, the lazy river is the best, and I love pushing my friends off the alligator. Altogether, the pool is an awesome place to go with friends and family. by J.J. Muller

You step onto the yellow brick road, with the green grass surrounding both sides, and see plush trees, numerous rides, and children laughing in joy. I have always loved the talking trees with the Wicked Witch of the Forest, in her massive castle looking down at me. StoryBook Land has roller coasters and playground parks everywhere for kids to play. When you walk around, you can see statues everywhere such as the Wizard Of Oz, Jack and The Beanstalk, and the knights guarding their castle while the prince saves the princess. There is “No place like Storybook Land.” by Quentin Franklin

Geyer Block 2 Scaled E1684162208846

Mrs. Geyer’s Block 2 class.

As I walk down to the beach, I can hear waves splashing onto the sand. A boat goes by with a tube following behind it, and you can hear the excited screams of the people riding it. This is an ideal summer day for me because I love Richmond Lake. I have lived right next to the lake my whole life, and I love to swim, fish, go tubing, and wakeboard any chance I get. There are also many other things you can do, like eat at Anchors Away, or watch the firework show on the Fourth of July. I love the lake, and that is just one thing that I love about living in Aberdeen. by Anniston Bindenagel

“One More Rep C’mon”. These are the words that I would say to my friends at the YMCA. The reason I go to the YMCA is to hang out with my friends, while working out, and we hype each other up. The YMCA means a lot to me because it’s about the only thing I can do that will help me with my sports ability. Another thing that means a lot to me is the quote up on the wall; it says, “But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things, there is no law.” I truly appreciate the YMCA in our community. by Brody Kaan

You are sitting quietly painting when all of a sudden, you hear, “Boom tip tap”. You find yourself tapping your foot to the beat. The ARCC is such an inspiring place. It is what I look forward to most about the summer. It is a safe place to be your own creative person. One of the things I enjoy most about the ARCC is the teen art classes they provide. Making anything from pottery to paintings is what I enjoy. Not to mention, the staff there is delightful. We are truly blessed to have a wonderful place like this ARCC in Aberdeen. by Elli Docter 

Dsc 4894 1024X683 1 Fish tanks bubbling. Water with colorful species of all shapes and sizes. Birds chirping and rabbits munching. Caleb’s Aquatics is an amazing place for people of all ages to admire the animals while begging to get one. I love this place because I really enjoy animals, along with pets. Because of this, I try to visit frequently. The thrill you see in the children’s eyes while they carry out a fish or maybe a hamster is so amazing. I have owned fish from there, and they are really special to me. That’s why Caleb’s Aquatics is a special place in Aberdeen. by Lillian Fadness

“Yipee!” is what you hear when you arrive at Wylie Park. When you enter, there’s golf, fishing, and Thunder Road. During the autumn, there’s the Haunted Forest! The reason I appreciate Wylie Park is because every summer my family and I have a relaxing day fishing with my dad or a memorable day golfing with my mom. I might even go to Thunder Road on the water boats with my family. I also love Wylie Park because of the rides at Storybook Land. My favorite is the air balloon ride. Wylie Park is truly one of a kind, and I feel fortunate that we have this fun-filled attraction to visit. by Logan Heier

It’s game day at the Odde. The nets and pucks are on the ice and the players come charging. The stick strikes the puck and ‘Score’ the Aberdeen Wings are in the lead and the crowd jumps up and goes wild. The Odde is my favorite place in Aberdeen. I enjoy going to the Wings games with my dad every Friday. I like that the Odde gives me the opportunity to spend time with my dad. The Odde gives me an opportunity to be a part of a hockey team and to do something that I love. by Mason Bremer 

Geyer Block 3 Scaled E1684162392716

Mrs. Geyer’s Block 3 class.

Imagine you hear popcorn bubbling, people screaming, and zombies roaring. That’s only a few of the spectacular things about the Haunted Forest. The Haunted Forest is a magical event that only happens once a year around October. This gruesome event includes many horrifying monsters, delicious food and drinks, and quality time with friends and family. The Haunted Forest only costs $15 for almost two hours of horrifying fun. During your adventure, you might come across zombies with chainsaws and people yelling for help, but if you’re like me and love scary and gruesome adventures at night. I thoroughly enjoy this event, and I recommend you visit the Haunted Forest, too. by Molly Peterson 

Walking and laughing are what you hear. It’s Storybook Land, a magical place where my family and I go every year. Storybook Land has all of my favorite rhymes and movies. It is my favorite place to go in the summertime. It is nice to walk with my family there. My favorite ride is the Humpty Dumpty because I went on that ride a lot last summer. My cousins and I go on rides together. The first time that I went there was a couple of years ago, and it was really fun. I will definitely be going back to Storybook Land often because it makes me happy. by Mya Sainz

You walk into the Yapatorium and hear, “Hey, hey, hey”! The voices of the kids playing multiple games like PlayStation games, pool, etc., fill the air. The Yapatorium is an extremely fun place to go after school or at any time. You can go there with your friends or by yourself and play numerous entertaining games. It’s a very cool place to go with your friends. They have multiple competitions, like Fortnite and pool. In conclusion, the Yapatorium it’s an exciting place I frequent with my friends, and I appreciate having it here. by Shefket Hyseni 

“In Jesus’ Name, Amen,” says the New Life Fellowship congregation as we end church in prayer. New Life Fellowship is a comforting church. It is almost like a second home to me. I can always talk to anyone at the church, and they will listen and share the Lord’s word with me. Also, they will accept anyone new that walks into the church no matter what their background is. Once you get comfortable with the church, you will learn to take them in as family; you are surrounded by people that love you and care what you say. That is why New Life Fellowship is a treasure to me and Aberdeen. by Shayla Udell

Cole Miller And Lincoln Wilkinson Scaled E1684162515362 “YES! DRILL SERGEANT”, the recruits say as they are instructed to report to duty. These recruits are directly from the National Guard stationed here in Aberdeen, SD. Our National Guard Reserve Center is here to serve when duty calls. Some of these duties include serving on the front lines for the United States alongside activity duty forces if need be. They also provide food, water, and shelter during times of natural disasters, and protect our homeland when outside forces threaten us. I chose the Aberdeen National Guard because of my great interest in the forces and because the National Guard offers opportunities to aid and protect America. The National Guard is a great addition to the already great Aberdeen, the place I call home. This is why the National Guard is special to Aberdeen. “Always Ready, Always There”. by Cole Miller

VROOM! VROOM! The chainsaws roar through the night. People are screaming and yelling, and a long line stretches across the sidewalk. Welcome to the Haunted Forest, one popular event in Aberdeen. Walking through the forest at night, people are hidden and ready to scare with chainsaws and clown masks. The adrenaline I get when one of the actors comes out from behind or from the side scares me. The Haunted Forest happens once a year every October and going there with my friends is a blast. The first part of the trail is exhilarating, and I am always disappointed when it comes to an end. by Henry Htoo

Bergan 1St Scaled E1684162616405

Ms. Bergan’s Block 1 class.

Have you ever heard the whooshing sounds of rollercoasters, the happy screams of kids, or even the deep-fried food all around you? The Brown County Fair is my favorite attraction in Aberdeen because it keeps you entertained while the summer goes on. I enjoy the time on the rides and hanging out with my friends. I also like going to the fair because there are carnival games, and it is fun to win prizes. The fair is a fun place to go to in the summer because then I can see my friends before school starts. by Lykhaijryk Lawrence

“Tick”, “Tock”, “Tick”, “Tock”. Picture yourself in a jungle-themed room, panicking and frantically trying to beat the clock. All you need is one more key, and you’re out! This is how I feel when I’m at the Unravel Escape Room. My friends and I have celebrated my birthday there for the past few years. We love the thrill and exhilaration we get when we are trying to escape. It works our brains and really makes us think. The accomplished feeling you have if you escape is awesome. The Unravel Escape Room is an astounding place to visit. by Ava Schaunaman

Aquatics Center 026 Large In Aberdeen, there are many places to go, but my favorite place is the Aquatic Center. The reason why it’s my favorite place to go in the summer is that there are many slides you can go on and diving boards, and even a tube slide that you can go down. Yes, there are like five or ten-minute breaks, but it’s worth it because it’s a place where you can be with friends and family and just have fun. There are many things to do. Of course, it’s a lot of walking from place to place, but it’s worth Angel Bearsheart

You walk through the double doors, and the scent of the most vivid smell hits your nose; it smells like heaven. You have just walked into the best dinner in Aberdeen, South Dakota, at Three22. This place can hold your best memories—the delicious food, the families all around. I have some of my best moments here, even with me and my family celebrating my sister finally coming back from her college classes in Texas. Also, my grandparents leave and go to Arizona. Sounds fun, right? You can just escape the winter, but every time they leave, we go to Three22 to say goodbye. by Carter Board 

On a cold October night, you can hear chainsaws and people screaming in the forest. You get in line, and once you get to the front of the line, your palms start to sweat. With adrenaline pumping through your body, you prepare to be scared. The Haunted Forest and Wylie Park are two of the scariest and most exhilarating things to do around Halloween. I like going with my friends, and I always have lots of fun. My favorite part is the beginning, because the first couple of times you get scared, it’s very exciting. by Cody Kiesz

The YAPAtorium makes Aberdeen special because it is fun and free to go to. They have all sorts of things to do, such as a PS5, gaming PCs, and even VR. They also have things like billiards and other activities like gaming tournaments and scavenger hunts. I know that not a lot of people go here or even know about it, but to me, it makes Aberdeen different. They let the teens be in control and make their own decisions there. YAPA is for teens, by teens. I don’t know any other place like it, and it is really unique. by Levi Edwards

Ms Bergan 2Nd Block Scaled E1684162915355

Ms. Bergan’s Block 2 class.

Dacotah Prairie Museum is a step into the past, over 100 years ago. I think the Prairie Museum is one of the best things to do in Aberdeen. It is a place that I love to go to learn about and explore the vast history of South Dakota. The second I walk in, I see friendly faces and history all around me. I always look forward to the animal exhibits being put back out again. One of the coolest things, in my opinion, is to see realistic representations of animals that you don’t see every day. The Dacotah Prairie Museum truly helps bring history to life before your eyes. by Marcis Wilson 

The sounds of arcade games, the feeling of a laser gun I had so much fun! Allevity was a family-friendly place for my friends and family to enjoy some quality time together! Allevity ranges from many arcade games, foods, and rewards. I heard so much excitement here! Allevity features many things in its cozy environment. When I went with my dad, the best food there was definitely their sandwiches and pizza! Drinks are also offered at Allevity. I chose the hot chocolate for its festiveness. That is only a briefing on Allevity from when I went, but it was one memory I’ll never forget! by Marcus Plummer 

Right as you walk in, you smell the fresh smell of snacks. I always see joyful people skating and having fun playing arcade games. I walk around on carpet along the snack bar, past disco balls and colorful lights going everywhere. Kids are winning prizes with their tickets they got from winning arcade games. It’s very fun. It’s family friendly, a great place for birthday parties or even just a family evening. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The DJ does a great job playing songs and playing everyone’s favorites. And if I want to take a break from skating, there are plenty of things to do. by Ellisa Wooden Knife

Waves crashing against the dock’s side, music booming from speakers, rumbling engines, and sizzling food on the grill are all audible. You may wonder, “What are you talking about?”. I’m referring to Richmond Lake. I frequently watch individuals wakeboarding, water skiing, and tubing. I also frequently see visitors at the state park, on the beaches, pontoons, speedboats, and bike paths. The air is thick with the scent of campfires and barbecues. Because I enjoy going swimming and tubing with my pals, I am looking forward to visiting Richmond this summer. It is how I would choose to pass a sunny day. by Henry Biegler

8S0A6875 Large Every Friday in the summer I walk into the Brown County Speedway, hearing people talking while getting food and hearing race cars’ engines roaring. I see little kids with sound-canceling headphones and kids cheering on the race car drivers. When I’m there, I get a feeling of excitement coursing through my body. Watching kids try to catch the candy falling from the flag stand and hearing the announcer announce who won the bike drawing. I have been going to the Brown County Speedway ever since I was little, so it has become an essential part of my life and is one of my favorite things to do on the weekends in Aberdeen. by Kyra Heupel

You might be thinking, “What’s so unique about Aberdeen?” Well, we have many different fun places to go to, like, for example, Storybook Land. Many kids love to go there because you can see animals and enjoy enjoyable rides! Kids like to go to Storybook Land and should visit Storybook Land too! I love to go to Storybook Land because of the food and rides like the Humpty Dumpty roller coaster. This is one of the many places that make Aberdeen so unique. by Hsa Soe

The variety of activities available at Richmond Lake is one thing I like. A nice area to hang out with friends is Richmond. Fishing is one of my favorite activities. I fish all day and all night with family and friends. The walleye fishing in Richmond is excellent. I got a 26-inch fish. There, one of my friends caught a 25-inch walleye. Walleye. I also like to eat at a Richmond restaurant after a long day of fishing. I also enjoy getting my boat out on the water and tearing around on it. To me, Aberdeen wouldn’t be the same without Richmond. by Jackson Mercer

When’s the last time you let your creativity flow? Downtown in our town, Aberdeen, come to Colorful Creations! When you walk in, the staff will greet you with a smile and ask what you would like to do. You’ll see young and old artists having fun making and painting clay dinnerware. You don’t think you’re an artist? You don’t have to be! The staff will walk you step-by-step through how to create your masterpiece if you ask. You don’t even need a reservation! Every time I want to make a home-made gift, I go to Colorful Creations! by Jennifer Roeker

Bergan 3Rd Block Scaled E1684163059128

Ms. Bergan’s Block 3 class.

Imagine going to your backyard and seeing the sun setting right over a slowly flowing creek. Sounds beautiful, right? My neighborhood allows me to go to the creek in the field behind my house. During the winter, I go on the creek and mess around on it, and when the ice is thick enough, we take the snowmobile on the ice. I don’t swim in it though; it is mostly for looks and to walk on in winter. I love the creek, and I’ve lived over there for 7 years, so it has also been a huge part of my childhood. by Jovee Waldo

You are walking down the yellow brick road with your family, and your siblings are running around! You are at the only Storybook Land in the U.S. Thousands of people visit each year to learn about the Wizard of Oz and the characters from nursery rhymes. Alongside that, you may want to take a spin on the balloon ride or on Humpty Dumpty’s roller coaster. Whenever I get hungry, I make my way to one of the two concession stands. When I’m there, I always get my favorite pretzel with cheese, along with more goodies. I look forward to the park’s opening every spring. by Lasen Redinger

You can hear the booming, loud music as you approach the Odee Ice Arena and the audience is getting excited. Every weekend I look forward to seeing the Wings play and getting to spend time with my friends and family while watching the most thrilling game. When I attend a Wings game, I enjoy the energy of the crowd’s constant yelling at the referees and watching the puck enter the goal as the crowd erupts and goes wild. Attending a Wings game in Aberdeen is always the best experience. by Mason Arnott

Click, Click. This sound is the sound of the credits. Those are some of the sounds that you will hear at the Golden Ticket Cinemas. The Golden Ticket Cinemas are now a new and updated movie theater compared to what used to be there. This movie theater is where you can hang out with your friends. The seats are also very comfortable, so your back does not hurt after you leave. I personally go there a lot with my mom to see movies. The most recent movie I saw was Sing 2. This is my favorite part of Aberdeen. by Will Boynton 

Whoo. The whistle blows, and the server serves the ball over the net. The crowd cheers wildly as a long rally ends and their team gets the point. One of my favorite things to do in Aberdeen is go to Matchbox. I always look forward to going to practices and tournaments. When you go to practices and tournaments, you’re with people from neighboring towns. Matchbox has volleyball camps for all ages, and they are really helpful with improving your skills. I am very thankful for Matchbox because without them, my skills wouldn’t have improved to what they are now. by Julia Malsom 

With the sound of the roaring crowd vibrating through your body, the way the cast seems to bounce onto the stage to bow. These are the feelings I get when I visit the Aberdeen Capitol Theater. Not to be overzealous here, but it’s an amazing way to spend an afternoon. It’s always great when I see one of my friends walk onto the stage. Personally, the whole show is convivial. When the splendor ends, there’s a mixture of slight melancholia and excitement. Taking everything into account, the Aberdeen Capitol Theater is one of my favorite places to go in Aberdeen. by Jada Volk 

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