“Yay Mom!” Sweet Potato Banana Pancakes
A twist on a classic breakfast staple.

“Yay Mom!” Sweet Potato Banana Pancakes


By Naomi Milosevich

When preparing food for my family, I have certain goals I try to reach. To summarize, the food should be:
* Nutritious
* Delicious
* Easy
* Fast

These pancakes check all the boxes as well as a couple ‘bonus boxes’:
* Budget Friendly
* Gluten Free
* Dairy Free

Healthy foods are fabulous if they are eaten. A big pile of leafy greens is only going to be nutritionally valuable if it’s actually consumed. If not, we just wasted a bunch of money and the idea of feeding my girls that beautiful, healthy food remains an idea! Bummer.
I don’t consider myself a culinary person but am super happy to share this recipe with you! Every time I tell the girls this is what I’m making it goes something like this:
“Girls! I’m making sweet potato…”
Give it a try, see if you like it.


1 regular sweet potato (cooked, cooled, and peeled)
or 10 oz pkg frozen cut sweet potatoes (cooked according to directions)
1 medium to large banana
1 cup oat flour
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1 pinch salt
1 tbsp stevia or sugar
¼ to ½ cup almond milk (or milk of choice)
avocado oil (to grease the pan)

Helpful Tools:

Food processor, blender


1. Combine cooled, cooked, peeled sweet potato with banana, egg, vanilla, milk, salt and stevia in food processor.
2. Purée.
3. Scrape sides and add oat flour to the mixture.
4. Purée until smooth.
5. Heat griddle to 275° – 300° F or pan on stove to medium heat.
6. Lightly oil the surface with avocado oil or preferred oil of choice.
7. Spoon approximately ¼ cup of batter to heated, oiled surface. Cook approximately 3 to 4 minutes per side.
8. Plate pancakes and enjoy plane or with fresh raspberries or 100% maple syrup. //