Gear Up!

Ashley Domino of Stutsman's Jamestown store regularly visits the new Aberdeen store to help with management and employee training.

Bikers Rejoice for New Harley-Davidson Store

Are you a biker? Do you ride to live? Maybe just live to ride? Well whatever the case you should come check out the new Stutsman Harley-Davidson store in Splitrock Center. The new store has only been around since July but it has already caused quite a stir among Harley fans from all over the area. And it’s no surprise what with all the merchandise they have available from monogramed shirts, leather and helmets to barware, jewelry and figurines. They’ve got everything you need short of actual bikes, but that might not be the case forever. If the store does well, a new dealership might be up for consideration. The new store is open Monday – Friday from 9 AM-8 PM, Saturday from 9 AM-6 PM and Sunday from 10 AM-4 PM on a seasonal basis, with it closing on September 15 and reopening from November to January 15, so get in there while you can. //

Visit the Statesman Harley-Davidson website.