Major Home Repairs Are Possible
Homes Are Posssible’s Home Repairs Grant Program can offset the costs of expensive home repairs.

Major Home Repairs Are Possible

Hope Brudvig, Rehab Coordinator at HAPI, posing next to new front steps built and funded from the Home repair program.

Imagine waking up to an icy chill permeating your home on a frosty January morning. You glance at the thermostat, hoping it’s a simple fix, only to discover your furnace is unresponsive down in the basement. For many residing in our northern Midwest community, this scenario isn’t just a hypothetical—it’s a lived reality. In our subzero winters, the reliability of heating isn’t merely a matter of comfort; it’s a crucial element for survival.

Major home repairs, like replacing a furnace, come with a hefty price tag, often exceeding what many can afford. So, where can individuals turn if their income falls short of covering such essential costs? Homes Are Possible Inc. (HAPI) might offer a solution through their Home Repairs Grant Program. This initiative, funded by the Federal Home Loan Bank and South Dakota Housing, has allocated $200,000 this year for housing repairs for homeowners meeting income criteria. Additionally, there’s an extra $600,000 set aside specifically for homeowners aged 62 and above, also meeting income guidelines.

The grants provided can range from $5,000 to $20,000 and extend beyond just furnaces. They cover a spectrum of repairs, spanning from installing new windows, doors, plumbing, and electrical upgrades to roof and foundation repairs. The scope is broad, addressing needs like making homes ADA compliant or installing a main floor bathroom for individuals with mobility challenges.

Navigating grant applications involves an application, review, and approval process, often with a brief waiting period due to involvement with state and federal programs. But what if your immediate concern is a malfunctioning furnace during the bitter cold of a South Dakota winter? Understanding this urgency, HAPI, in collaboration with the United Way of Northeastern SD, Inc. and Aberdeen Development Corporation, initiated an additional emergency repair grant source. These smaller funds cater to prompt assistance for homeowners facing smaller, temporary repairs, bridging the gap until a more permanent solution receives approval.

The team at HAPI is energized by the positive impact these two grant programs will bring to struggling families this winter. Hope Brudvig, Rehab Coordinator at HAPI, shares, “Throughout the year, we’ve assisted numerous individuals facing challenging situations. These stories underscore the importance of looking out for our neighbors and community. We’re excited to spread the word about this program because many homeowners grappling with repair issues are unaware of where to seek help.” //

For more details about the program and eligibility criteria, individuals can visit, contact Hope via email at [email protected], or call 605-225-4274.