RSLFC Fills In The Gaps When Paying For College

RSLFC Fills In The Gaps When Paying For College

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While we’re soaking up the sunny summer months right now, many students and their families will soon be gearing up for college in the fall. There are a lot of things to think about when starting this new chapter in life, and one of these is finances.

Aberdeen’s Reunion Student Loan Finance Corporation (RSLFC), located at 105 1st Avenue Southwest, has been helping families locally and all over the U.S. prepare for college for over 40 years. The main products offered by RSLFC are private iHELP Student Loans and consolidation loans, all funded through community banks.

What makes RSLFC stand out is their exceptional customer care. Every student who applies for a private student loan with them is guided into making the best choices for their long-term finances. A private student loan should be the last resort to help pay for college, so they coach students on maximizing the most benefits they can from federal aid, grants, and scholarships first. If a private loan is an option, they assign each student with their own personal account representative who helps them through all stages of the borrowing process, from origination to repayment, instead of directing questions through a big call center. A few times a year, RSLFC also participates in a free, informative parent’s night in Aberdeen, where families can get answers to their questions about paying for college from a panel of local experts. // — Jenny Roth

To learn more, visit or call 1-800-645-7404.