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Take a look at these tips and tricks from Aberdeen wedding professionals for a glimpse at upcoming wedding trends.

Wedding Planner Insider

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Angela Huffman

It’s all in the details! Colors and design will be split this year from purposefully bold to intimate reflection. Incorporate personal touches into cozy room nooks to create an inviting. space for socializing and new memories. Cohesive mismatch in decor will be a continuing trend allowing for a unique experience.

Angela’s Top Tip: Color palettes are vast–bring swatches of your desired colors for best match-up between your style and the decor. 


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Photo courtesy of Abby Brick Photography

Brides ‘n’ Belles

Stephanie Hupke

This Bridal Shop in Aberdeen is absolutely loving the trends for the 2021 and 2022 wedding seasons. Brides are looking through a range of styles from the classy elegance of the A-line silhouette dresses with the frosted alencon lace appliques to the simply elegant all-satin dresses and sheath silhouettes. The styles are continuously changing so look to Brides ‘N’ Belles for all the new and upcoming fashion trends right here in Aberdeen.

Stephanie’s Top Tip: When you are coming to your bridal appointment, always keep an open mind and be prepared to feel and look the most confident and beautiful you have ever felt! It’s not just another dress, it’s the dress you will remember forever!






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Stephanie Ludens

Wedding videography has become the norm for weddings in 2021, creating a new way of viewing your special day again and again. Whether you are having a rustic ceremony, a whimsical celebration, or a glamorous event, a videographer helps capture hidden moments of intimacy and emotion that are sometimes harder to see in photos. But just like photography, you want someone who fits your style. When it comes time to finding the right videographer for your wedding, do not be afraid to ask plenty of questions! Stephanie says that she has yet to hear a couple say they regret booking a videographer. Actually, it is quite the opposite. More people are saying they wish they had a videographer around at their own wedding.

Stephanie’s Top Tip: Photos and video are both so essential and go hand in hand. Make sure your photographer and videographer work as a team, even if they are just meeting the day of your wedding!