Bridal Shower
5 unique bridal shower ideas that are guaranteed to inspire fun for everyone

Bridal Shower


In addition to celebrating the love of the bridal couple at the wedding, the months leading up to the big event are special for them and their family and friends. Creating special moments leading up to the wedding can be just as impactful as the ceremony itself. If you are helping plan the Bridal Shower and thinking of trying something a little different, one of the following fresh ideas might be a good fit. Is one there one perfect bridal shower? Definitely not. Keep in mind what type of shower is best-suited to your bride and guests and you will have a gathering made for even more wonderful memories for the bride.

Education Can Be Fun!

How about taking a class together for your bridal shower? The Aberdeen area has some great opportunities for interactive experiences. You can set up a day at a local nursery to make seasonal wreaths or fairy gardens, or book a day at the paint-your-own pottery store where everyone can choose their own piece, or the group can paint different pieces of a special set for the bride. You can also host a painting party in your own home where a professional teaches everyone to paint the same image. Great for both beginners and pros!

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Get Your Groove On

Have a particularly active group? Why not use the bridal shower to create your own bridesmaids’ dance! Everyone can contribute. You can even bring in a professional to teach you some new moves. Or, if the wedding has a specific theme, learn a dance to complement the theme. Think Hula, Swing, Line Dancing, or Celtic Dance or an imitation of a dance from your favorite musical. I am imagining Danny Zuko & Sandy but your tastes may run toward dancing trolls. Now you are ready for the big reveal at the reception. Be sure to include all of the shower attendees for the encore dance party that is sure to follow!

Another fun musical option is to compile a playlist before the shower. Check with guests beforehand for songs that bring back shared memories with the bride. Play it as background music during the shower or make it the focal point of a “dance through time” dance party with her besties.


Take It Outside

If the weather is willing, take your party outdoors. Whether it is cocktails by the pool or floaties at the lake, an outdoor gathering always has a more relaxed, casual feel. Hold a cornhole or champagne pong tournament for prizes. Break during rounds for food, cake and gift-opening. Get wild with a limbo pole!

Or…go golfing! Playing half a round at a local golf course gives everyone a head start on their tan for the wedding! If that is too big of a time commitment, head out to one of the great local frisbee golf courses in the area instead.

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Girls Night In

Looking for something a little calmer but still want that good, bonding fun? How about a Hallmark Movie Binge Night! Rent a professional popcorn popper, uncork the champagne, and throw toss pillows and blankets on the floor. You can have everyone come over in comfy clothes – even jammies – and take bets on the premise of the upcoming movie.

Did she 1) Lose her job 2) Get notified that a close relative back home is sick or 3) Get transferred to a small town in the middle of nowhere?

Will her love interest be 1) A high school boyfriend 2) Someone she hates at their first meeting or 3) A country star who just happens to be staying at the same hotel.

You get the idea. The guests with the most correct answers for each movie get a prize.


The Couples Shower

Couples showers are the new thing and can be an absolute blast! There are SO MANY options! Make it as simple as an outdoor BBQ with yard games or set up a revolving dinner where each couple hosts one course of a multi-course meal – drinks, appetizer, salad, main dish, dessert, and after-dinner drinks each at a different home. BUNCO is also a really fun game to play with couples. Be sure and make the 1-2-3 roll a wipeout to make things even more interesting! If you don not want to be responsible for clean-up, book a night of axe throwing or a set time at the local arcade. Some places will even serve food and drinks.


There is no end to the number of great ideas for a bridal shower. Whatever your plans, remember to be inclusive. Find a way to include out-of-town guests in advance so they feel welcome before they even walk in the door. A personal phone call to fill them in on your plans and asking for a memory or photo of the bride-to-be in advance, these are both good ways of ensuring that everyone is included and has a good time. It may be most important to your bride that her great-grandmother attend. If so, maybe a traditional shower is the right style. Consider putting a new twist on some old favorite shower games. Check out our next issue for some great game ideas! // –Julie Lillis