Vendors Venue in Uptown Aberdeen Mall

Vendors Venue in Uptown Aberdeen Mall

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Lori Volk’s pop-up store at the Uptown Mall has become a great resource for small businesses in town. Photo by Brandon Heim.

What started as a simple December/January popup turned into an amazing opportunity for both start-ups and the public. Lori Volk is a native Aberdonian who saw the need for a place where customers customers can shop a variety of products, and where vendors can showcase their product to a wider audience. Lori herself needed a place to sell her 31 Bags product, but didn’t have a safe, secure place to go. Seeing our local mall and wanting to give it more traffic, she set up shop there. After letting her friends use the space to host, she started getting more and more vendors using the space. Now they are considered part of the “Vendor Family.” Lori’s passion then led her to wanting to give the same opportunity to anyone who is just starting-up, a small business, a freelancer, or just wants to try something out, but doesn’t have a place to go (and doesn’t want to break the bank renting!).

On the public side, Lori hopes to be able to provide variety with this vendors venue. There’s not only product that you wouldn’t find at big stores like Walmart, but it’s also an easy place to purchase hard-to-find products like Avon since door-to-door sales have declined. Each week there’s someone different, and if you want to find someone specifically, you can find their business card featured on the outside wall or free to take inside the venue. You can find vendors that sell product like jewelry, essential oils, photography, food and more! //—Brandon Heim

Search “Vendors Venue Menu” On Facebook to see upcoming vendors, events, and more! To get in touch about setting up, call 605-216-0400.