South Dakota State University Extension
The SDSU Extension works closely with Brown County 4-H and United Way.

South Dakota State University Extension

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Participants in the 2021 State Fair. Photo courtesy of SDSU Extension.

Along with the United Way, The South Dakota State University Extension also makes great contributions to the Aberdeen area. It is South Dakota’s source of unbiased, vetted, and relevant new knowledge generated from research. As a cornerstone of SDSU’s land-grant university mission, SDSU Extension empowers citizens to be more competitive in a growing global economy through education and technical training or assistance.

Our purpose is to foster a learning community environment that empowers citizens to advocate for sustainable change that will strengthen agriculture, natural resources, youth, families, and the communities of South Dakota. In pursuit of this purpose, several core values support the mission of SDSU Extension and provide the foundation for the organization. They include:

  • A defined public value
  • A learning community focus
  • Prioritized effort
  • Access for all citizens
  • A setting that is inclusive, collaborative, and sustainable
  • A culture that embraces change

We accomplish our outreach mission by prioritizing efforts in the following program areas: competitive crop systems, competitive livestock systems, 4-H youth development, food and families, and community vitality.

We actively seek partners who can help us accomplish what we cannot do alone. Our partners include state and federal agencies, peer education institutions, community-based groups, non-profit organizations, agricultural commodity groups, and volunteers. The benefits of these partnerships include better service for citizens as well as an efficient use of our state’s precious and limited resources.

Our greatest resource is the people we employ to do this important work. Field specialists work directly with citizens, based on one of eight Regional Extension Centers across South Dakota. The Regional Extension Centers are located in Aberdeen, Lemmon, Mitchell, Pierre, Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Watertown, and Winner. In addition, 4-H Youth Program Advisors, based in County Extension Offices, work directly with 4-H Youth Development programs. Extension Specialists support Field Specialists and 4-H Youth Program Advisors, based from the campus of SDSU or the West River Ag Center in Rapid City.

In Aberdeen in particular, the Brown County Fair is especially important for our Brown County 4-H Community. It is a chance for our members to show off all their hard work either with an animal or static project! We also take time to recognize our members that participated in a youth in action event, such as: public presentations, fashion revue and special foods. During our week, the current Brown County 4-H Royalty are crowned. Our fair is a great way for us to show how diverse 4-H is and that it has something for everyone.

SDSU Extension relies heavily on technology to offer educational programs to citizens. Combined with traditional face-to-face methods of learning, citizens have 24/7 access to educational materials and information via news articles, publications, podcasts, webinars, video features and more on our website. //

The Aberdeen Regional Center (ARC) represents a diversity of Extension specialties to serve the Northeast South Dakota Region. Visit us online at or call us at 605-626-2870.