Test Your Skills with Tech Jobs
Tech jobs at 3M can be rewarding without a degree.

Test Your Skills with Tech Jobs

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Stewart Hall oversees many of these jobs at 3M Aberdeen. Photos courtesy of 3M.

Plant Photo 10 21 2021A LargeSince 1974, 3M has been a staple in Aberdeen. One of the largest manufacturers in northeastern South Dakota, 3M Aberdeen has around 900 employees. While 3M focuses on production of products such as respirators, filtration, and adhesive tapes that people trust to daily for protection and to improve their lives, the maintenance team plays an important role that helps production run smoothly. Keeping these highly skilled technical jobs local can be a great benefit.

“A lot of high school graduates may be thinking ‘what am I going to do?’” said Dan Uhlir, Human Resources Manager. “Tech jobs are in high demand more than ever.  Not every job requires a four-year degree, employees with two-year technical degrees are instrumental in maintaining our vital equipment at 3M Aberdeen. Our plant engineering team comprise greater than ten percent of our total workforce and operational success would not be possible without them.”

Plant Engineering Manager Stewart Hall explained some of the different occupational paths at 3M. Electrical Systems and Mechanical tech jobs are two of the career paths at 3M, and within those two paths, there are several types of jobs that workers can choose.

Pic 3M Aberdeen Plant People027 RgbFor example, Mechanical technicians may focus on precision machining, machine maintenance, or facility work while Electrical Systems includes robotics, programing PLCs, and operator interfaces. 3M offers on-site training and will pair new hires with senior members while they complete different work projects. This way, employees will receive hands-on training while gaining real work experience.

“There are many different areas that these jobs can lead to,” Stewart said. “Some will move on to be experts in their areas. Some can become supervisor roles, and others will take up training roles. There are opportunities for growth with almost every role here.”

Tech degrees can lead to jobs that are highly lucrative and rewarding, and 3M offers these career opportunities to a wide diverse workforce that inspires technological innovation, drives digital operations and next-level automation.

“Jobs like these are an excellent fit for anyone who enjoys continuous learning, problem-solving, and resolving issues with lasting effect,” Stewart said. “People grow and evolve, and their jobs reflect that. Everyone brings something to the table, and we all have skills that we can use to give back to our community.” //