Memories to Last a Lifetime
These tips from local photographer Tyra Gefroh will make your senior photos stand out from the rest.

Memories to Last a Lifetime

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Photos courtesy of Tyra Gefroh.

Out of all the things I have photographed, Senior photos are definitely one of my favorites. I love getting to know my seniors and getting to be creative while showcasing their interests, talents, and what they love! It really is so fun to be creative in this process. I love bright, bold, colorful, crisp, fun, and timeless images. I am very laid back and my sessions are very casual and comfortable. I have photographed many seniors over the past 10 years, and these are my top tips to prep for your senior photo session! 


As the photographer, I love to be creative and find locations that go with the personality of my clients, but if you have an idea or a certain photo you are wanting, definitely show your photographer! 


The time of your photo session is important. Different times of day will give you different types of light. Mornings or evenings when the sun isn’t so harsh is a great time for a photo session. You can certainly have photos sessions at other times as well if your photographer is comfortable shooting at those times. For most of my clients the evening sessions are the most popular, but they also book up the quickest. I do book sessions in the morning and afternoons too if my evenings are booked. 


To me this is the most fun part about senior photos. Of course, you want to showcase your style, but I always suggest to my clients to have a couple outfits that are outside the box! This is a fun time and a reason to try something new and it really is exciting to be creative with fun clothing pieces! Try a bold, unique jacket or a statement dress! 


Accessories are a must! Statement jewelry, fun shoes, rings, hats, etc. These things add so much character and texture to your photo. I always tell my clients to not skip out on this! 


Do not worry about posing. I do the posing right alongside my senior, as most photographers do! Do not be worried about looking silly or not knowing what to do. I fully direct my seniors through posing! 


Makeup Is included in my Senior Collections. Even if you don’t wear a lot of makeup, I would recommend getting a very natural look done. It prevents you from being washed out and it enhances your natural beauty! 


Photos are so fun when you have something to showcase. No matter what it is- Art, Reading, Sports, Dance, Music, your Pet, your car – Anything that shows who you are and what you love! You can never bring too much to your senior session when it comes to Showcasing who you are! 


This is your time! This summer, Senior year, and your Senior photoshoot will be something you will not want to forget, take it all it and enjoy it! //

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