Hub City Moms
Hub City Moms offers an environment where mothers can feel accepted, supported and cherished.

Hub City Moms

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Hub City Moms is a community of moms setting out to create an atmosphere of faith, friendship, fun and encouragement to all moms and their children in the Aberdeen area.

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Mom’s Night out events take place at various businesses in town, including Hub City Axe Throwing.

Hub City Moms began in 2017. They were previously a group of moms under the Mothers of Preschoolers International (MOPS) network. With their new board, they were able to open up the

group and included mothers of older children as well.

“Our main focus is moms supporting moms,” Lisa McDowell said.

The group meets every other Monday morning September through May at New Life Fellowship’s North Campus. Each meeting includes brunch and coffee. While there are no meetings in the summer months, they often organize park playdates.

McDowell said that the group will often bring in speakers to discuss certain topics with members.

“We are building a community and providing resources,” she said. “We’ve had talks about postpartum depression, ADHD, and autism for example. Last fall, we had a Stop the Bleed course, and

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Hub City Moms gave back by Angel Tree shopping for kids last Christmas.

we’ve also had a mechanic come and talk about car repair.”

In addition to meetings, the group also hosts a Mom’s Night Out event. There is a different activity at each night out, some of them involving kids,

some just for the moms.

Moms of all ages are welcome to join Hub City Moms. That includes grandmothers as well.

“Older moms come and hold newborns and share their wisdom and advice,” Chelsea Nepodal said.

Every April, Hub City Moms holds a rummage sale, with proceeds going toward group activities. Some of the money is also donated to causes like Mattresses for Kids and Dorothy’s House in Storybook Land.

Overall, Hub City Moms aims to make sure that no mothers feel alone.

“As a mom, it can be a bit isolating, especially for stay at home moms with kids not in school yet,” Emily Engelhart said. “We’ve built a community that others can connect with.” //

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Hub City Moms clean the trail they have adopted.