A Journey in Time; Brown County Fair

A look at how the Brown County Fair has changed throughout its 95 years of history. Since its beginning, Aberdeen’s Brown County Fair has continued… Read more »

Aberdeen’s Casa Dei Bambini

Susan Dalager affectionately refers to the Montessori School of Aberdeen that she directs as a ‘casa dei bambini’ or ‘children’s home’. This is because everything… Read more »

CrossFit Rails and Murph’s Challenge

Located just north of the YMCA, CrossFit Rails has been open for a little over a year, but already has about 120 members. According to… Read more »

Extend Your Roots

Ah, South Dakota – where it’s too cold to feel your fingers nine months out of the year and devastatingly hot for the other three.… Read more »

Go Full-Time

I want to camp full time. Am I crazy? I want to be a FULLTIMER! I live, dream, eat and sleep the idea of becoming… Read more »

Heatin’ Up; Summer Fashion

Sizzlin’ Fashion Tips for the Summer! It’s 90 degrees and humid, and the dog days of summer are in full swing. Rather than staying inside… Read more »

In Full Flight

Disc Golf Takes Off in Aberdeen Disc Golf is a sport that has grown exponentially over the years, with Aberdeen being no stranger to the… Read more »

In The Raw; Greg Blair

For local artist Greg Blair, place and art are intimately connected. About seven years ago, local sculpture artist and associate art professor Greg Blair and… Read more »

Kevin Ratzsch

Keep Your Eyes Up Find your gift. Develop your gift. And pass it on.” These words, spoken by the late Northern State University basketball coach… Read more »

Ladies on the Loose

On Thursday, May 19, ladies from around the community were unleashed downtown for a fun night of shopping, food, and wine sampling. Starting at Karisma… Read more »

Make-A-Wish Poker Run

Every thirty-eight minutes, an American child suffering from a life-threatening medical condition gets their last wish granted. This is the product and goal of the… Read more »

Makerspace Provides Creative Hub

Whether in business projects or creative independent endeavors, people work best when they work together. This is definitely what the folks over at StartHUB had… Read more »

Rise of the (Hub City) Robot

Move over, Wall-E, there’s a new robot in town. Hub City, Inc. is currently employing the assistance of an automated machine to increase efficiency in… Read more »

Standing Bear Receives Scholarship

2016 Aberdeen High School graduate Cortez Standing Bear recently received a unique competitive scholarship funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Gates Millennium… Read more »

Tied to Cultural Tradition

Central High’s Native American Student Association Honors Graduates On April 30, 2016, the Native American seniors of Aberdeen Central High School and their friends and… Read more »

Wrap It Up!

All the goodness of barbecue chicken pizza, converted to a quick wrap. Nearly every pub and restaurant has added barbecue chicken pizza to their menus.… Read more »